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November Elf Of The Month

November is here, a time to be thankful. We are certainly thankful for all of the Elves we have at Community Elf, including our Elf Of The Month, Account Manager Larissa Gula.


Larissa came to Community Elf straight out of the University of Pittsburgh, where she graduated with a degree in Journalism and Public & Professional writing. A strong writer with an equally strong and spirited personality, Larissa has helped Community Elf tackle clients with above average difficulties, especially in the healthcare field.

Larissa Christopher Lloyd.jpgWhen not at work, you’ll find Larissa either attending one of the many comic conventions up and down the east coast (Editor’s Note: Larissa has met so many awesome celebs at these cons! I think the one that I’m most jealous of is Christopher Lloyd), rubbing elbows with other Yelp Elite members at their exclusive events, or spreading her vast knowledge of streetcars at the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum (beat 13 years of knowledge-sharing...if you can). A few little known facts about Larissa? She volunteers her time to run the social media accounts for Pitt Therapy Dogs, she is highly competitive in the Work Week Challenge FitBit competition around the office, she has an incredibly accurate Marty McFly cosplay, and she has an immense collection of animal photos and videos that she shares with the office when we need some #DailyCute.

Here’s Larissa!

Name: Larissa Gula

Why did you want to be an Elf?: Working at a start-up was a great opportunity for me to put my writing degree and love of social connections to good use (especially since I had spent my first year since graduation working temp jobs and chopping fruit at a froyo shop!).

The thing you are most passionate about?: Other than writing? Streetcars! You can find me at the PA Trolley Museum a lot, especially during the summer.

Favorite Twitter account to follow: @YelpPittsburgh

Favorite blog you’ve read recently: Do Nerdist articles count?

Coolest place you've ever been: London, England. That city is just layer upon beautiful layer of history, architecture and fun. (Editor’s Note: Larissa went to England a year or so ago and went on the Harry Potter Studio Tour, which is another thing to be jealous of!)

One thing you could eat every day: Bread. I kind of do this already. It's probably not my healthiest decision, honestly. (Editor’s Note: I support this. Bread is the best. #GoBread)

One song you could listen to on endless repeat: Elan, by Nightwish.

Coffee, tea, or other?: Tea, please!

Best social campaign you’ve seen recently: A Kickstarter campaign wants to change every ad in a London Tube station to cat pictures. Just because.

What’s your spirit animal?: A fox - they're adorably smart critters!

Who do you hope to be in 5 years?: I'm pretty happy staying Larissa Gula. She has a good life going for her!

Favorite thing about Pittsburgh: I love Pittsburgh's ability to hold onto pieces of its past while embracing modern trends. Sometimes our refusal to let things go is annoying, I admit. But I've also heard out-of-town visitors comment that it's cool to see a city where the oldest thing in a neighborhood isn't a chain business (built on the past location of an older building that was knocked down, of course). So hey, I'll take it!

Larissa-Velma.jpgBest costume you've ever dressed up as: Personally I'm a big fan of my recent Velma costume (Editor’s Note: I loved this costume too! So much in fact, here’s a picture of it!), but I must give mad props to my mom for making a golden eagle costume for me as a kid. I had weird tastes back then, ok?

What did you want to be when you were 5 years old?: I wanted to be a zookeeper or marine biologist - depending on what day it was and whether my favorite animal was a land animal or sea animal that day.

Weirdest Thing You've Ever Purchased: Most recently? Baseball bat display cases. It's weird because I bought them to display my Pop! Funko toys. I have an entire Avengers army in one baseball bat case. I'm way prouder of this than I should be.

Pierogies or Primanti’s?: Primanti’s. Sorry, Kristi: Primanti's is pretty great!

First thing you’d do if you won the lottery: I'd be on the road! I've made it to London twice but otherwise I primarily travel in PA and Ohio. And to Canada sometimes. I have a whole lot of ground to cover out there!

Biggest fear: I'm terrified that any plane I get on is going to crash and burn (suddenly traveling sounds less appealing...). And I'm afraid of catching a serious illness from hospital germs. Speaking from experience here: they're the worst!

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